Obama and Marc Maron, WTF???

440px-MarcmaronListen hard.  There is more than one controversial word in this interview with one of my favorite comedians (they’re all political, so no point in pointing that out).  And it’s not just what the NYT published this morning about Obama using the “n” word.

Obama has reached the last stage in his second term — the lame-duck-presidency part, where he gets to start quacking truths that hurt (along with Michelle’s heavy-hitting commencement discourse, of course).

At the same time, Obama is clearly passing the identity-politics baton on in time to Get Ready for Hillary.  Hillary and Barack are both beneficiaries of LGBTers, only after having done their own turnarounds.  LGBTers will remain the social movement to follow, march for, and simply watch as they show women and members of different races and ethnicities how to move this conservative nation leftwards, particularly if the Roberts Court strikes down same-sex marriage this week.

Sad to say, if I wanted to profit from personal misery, I’d have to guess this is how the Roberts Court might well rule with a small majority.

The good news about this potentially bad decision is that at least Hillary Clinton (and the country) will benefit again from the might of this rainbow of a social movement that, given all its cosmopolitan colors, knows how to effect change.   So I’m holding out for my rainbow, or my unicorn riding off into that rainbow, if not this week, then at least in 2016.


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