Kinder, Gentler Neotribalism

41RWX0bNIIL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_9780226514550Unicorns, not wives, rule. The 19th amendment puzzles pollsters because wives follow husbands.  Hillary did (to Arkansas).  Wives don’t lead husbands, supposedly. And there is no city of women in New Hampshire or California. But not anymore, as the GOP is going to be less brutal to moms, sisters, daughters, and girls. Less intimidating now that women can live alone!  Does this go for HC too.  Or will this be called “special” treatment?

It is not only our reproductive capacity that women worry about. Go to any teaching hospital in a cosmopolitan city and one will see husbands, fathers, uncles, and sons dictating whether or not “their women” can get treatment for terminal diseases. Neotribal, no doubt. But honor killings and bride burnings are more dramatic for the establishment media to cover, as is abortion. It is more complicated than that.

Leggo my ego should be revised: Leggo my body, you brute.  Who can you imagine  will be the leader saying that, I wonder.

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