Reference Writing Policy

For all Graduate Center Teaching, Research and Public Service related activities kindly use ROBrien@gc.cuny.edu from approximately August 25th of each year to June 1st of each year.

For all research or scholarship activities including books, book series editor, public speaking, or any pro bono work please useRuthOBrienCUNYGC@gmail.com .  Please be patient, as I do not necessarily answer between July 1 and August 15 of each year. I will answer if/when I can as soon as possible, depending upon the type and/or nature of the request.

Send email to appropriate address if references needed. No references can be written and/or received if I lack current, or full, or complete knowledge or information about current status and/or situation. Current and/or recent is determined by position, and/or title, and/or time necessary or desired to person, institution, or entity requesting and/or sending reference. I answer all legitimate queries and/or requests if/when properly sent.

For all students and all former students, no references can be written without a signed letter of release indicating student’s preferred privacy setting.  (I will create a form soon.)

This is different than when I write a book readers’ report, a tenure or promotion , or vet a doubly confidential peered reviewed journal article or any other academic scholarly project, which constitutes service to the field of the Political Science Academy in the United States.

I have no employee or assistant at the moment so please be patient.  I generally answer telephone inquiries during my posted office hours. In the interests of cybersecurity, my professional obligations require the most stringent standards of email filtering. If you do not get a reply, feel free to send a second email after an appropriate interval.