American Politics & Syllabi

Listed in Order of 7000 or 3 credit classes to 8000 or 4 credit American Politics Seminars

Introduction to American Politics (last taught in Fall 10′, Fall 11′)

  • Prepares students for comprehensive exam in all 4 subfields; 3 credits.*

American Political Thought (Spring 10′, Spring 15′)

  • Prepares students for APT part of comprehensive; 3 credits.


  • Prepares students for APT part of comprehensive; 4 credits.
  • Contemporary American Political Thought (Spring 12′)

American Political Development (APD) (S 12′, S 03′)

  • Prepares students for comprehensive in 3 of 4 subfields: National Institutions; Political Processes; & American Political Thought.

Special Topic in APD: “Neos & Isms:” (Spring 13′) This replaces the Political Institutions course albeit using APD methods.

Special Topic: “APD & Ideas” (Fall 09′, Fall 10′)  This course compliments APT.

APD & Ideas Syllabus (Fall 2009′)

Special Topic: “APD & Empire” (Spring 04′ )*^

*(As of June 2012, courtesy faculty from the campuses usually teach, not the two anchors or core faculty members.)

*^(See Syllabi in PS Program Office)