Writing Politics

In 2004, Writing Politics specialization was established.  In 2009, Peter Beinart joined the Political Science Program, joining the Graduate Center faculty, alongside the political science faculty who teach seminars such as The Role of the American Public Intellectual, first taught by Prof. Ruth O’Brien and the European Intellectual taught by Prof. Ricard Wolin.

The Writing Politics specialization trains students to write serious political analysis for an educated audience outside of the discipline.  This type of political writing, a form of literary journalism or creative non-fiction, can be found in many widely read publications like the New York Review of Books, Harper’s, DISSENT Magazine or the New Yorker, or in books of trade.  This specialization, the first of its kind in the political science academy, helps political scientists reach a larger audience and become involved in the public sphere, where diverse sets of ideas and views are shared and debated.