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by Professor Ruth O’Brien & Frederic D. O’Brien* (a.k.a. Fred Schwarz, Deputy Managing Editor, National Review)

1. 2016 Presidential Characters (includes scandals, snafus & misspokes)

–Hillary Clinton as Democratic Party contender

–Running Republicans (race for the Republican nomination)

–Tea Pots vs. Tea Party (i.e. congressional leadership – particularly Kern County’s Kevin McCarthy’s comments)

2. Court Cultural Clashes (includes any local, municipal, state, federal, or global renderings and actions)

–Obamacare; immigration; voting rights; religion; Hobby Lobby; free speech; civil liberties

–ECJ, ICC, and UN rulings, sanctions, etc . . .

3.  Neos & Isms, or the United States in Comparative Context

Combines two recognized fields in the American politics academy — American Political Development (APD) and American Political Thought (APT).  For more in-depth analysis of how these two fields regard history, time, thought, and tradition, see Neos & Isms, a Graduate Center seminar Professor O’Brien taught.

*All Frederic D. O’Brien’s opinions are his own and reflect nothing CUNY-related.