Supreme Court Decisions, 2013 (Full Text)

P-PoliticalThoughtIMPACTSupreme Court Docket for 2013 (SCOTUS; and see SCOTUSBlog


Same Sex

U.S. v. Windsor (DOMA overturned, 5-4, Kennedy delivered)

Sekhar v. U.S. (Prop. 8, unanimous ruling upholding same sex Californians right to marry)

Voting Rights

 Shelby County v. Holder  Preclearance formula is unconstitutional.  This invalidates Section 4 of Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA) 5-4  (Roberts delivered)

Immigration & Citizenship

Arizona v.Inter Tribal Council of Arizona (striking down punitive state voting law, requiring proof of citizenship)

Diversity & Race

Fisher v. University of Texas (sending diversity as affirmative action down to lower level)

II. SECURITY (privacy)

Maryland v. King (DNA and security)


Koontz v. St. Johns 5th Amendment Takings clause. Did state officials violated this clause by making a property owner, who sought a building permit follow specific conditions?