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Corporate Personhood, Qui Tam & Obama (Un)Wittingly Shores Up Snowden

Qui Tam reminds me of Tae Kwan Do. The name is Latin, not Korean, and it’s pronounced Kwee Tahm, not to be confused with quinoa (kinwah), which is from an indigenous South American language.  So practice your K’s and know … Continue reading

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Obama & CUNY’s State-Local-National-International Politics

Terrific publicity for one of the largest (if not now the largest great public universities – the City University of New York (CUNY) given our almost 1/2 million person enrollment….we can only hope that our new Chancellor’s Midwestern charm will help us in Washington. D.C. that is. . . Obama is issuing those regs (executive action) in a fast-and-furious fashion that will only increase. Let’s hope higher education remains on Obama’s To DO list along with …. Continue reading Continue reading

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