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Kinder, Gentler Neotribalism

Unicorns, not wives, rule. The 19th amendment puzzles pollsters because wives follow husbands.  Hillary did (to Arkansas).  Wives don’t lead husbands, supposedly. And there is no city of women in New Hampshire or California. But not anymore, as the GOP is going … Continue reading

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Re-Educating Muslims, Nederlander (Dutch)-Style

  by Professor Ruth O’Brien & Frederic D. O’Brien (a.k.a. Fred Schwarz, Deputy Managing Editor, National Review) Could you get more moralistic? Don’t forget the Golden Empire, or The Embarrassment of Riches, as Simon Schama called it in a culturally sensitive and astute … Continue reading

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Can Jon be Replaced?

Dunno.  Even though Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show because, as he explains it, he is “slightly restless” — this does not resonate in any authentic way with me. And even if it is true (or should I say also … Continue reading

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