Fulbright story behind the story of “America as Empire”

APD Seminar taught after directed summer institute for Fulbright in 2005 (See my syllabus from 2005 under my Ph.D. Seminars)

Both the narrative or the story behind the story of America as Empire causing “good” trouble (with then Provost William P. Kelly and Presidential Professor Thomas Weiss defending me, and the 42 scholars who came to deliver lectures to the 18 scholars (mainly professors) from 18 different nations is TBA (under narrative construction now that the Obama State Department does not mind me telling.)

I aired all this on I Tunes University in preceding Rogers Smith talk at the John E. Sawyer, Mellon Foundation Seminar

And the 42 scholars called “extremists” and the letter I wrote defending them and the so-called “extremist” political science field of American Political Development or Politics & History to follow.

Suffice it to say: among those given this honorary title of being “extremist” in an radical field of “politics and history” or APD  were: Pamela Brandwein,  Mary Dzudiak, Matthew Jacobson Frye, Victoria Hattam, Amy Kaplan, Anne Norton, James Morone, David Brian Robertson, Rogers Smith, Stephen Skowronek,Aristede Zolberg among others (CUNY professors participating too, such as Marshall Berman and Stanley Aronowitz)