Workers’ Paradox Book Review Snippets

31nZ5O4CwuL._UY250_Editorial Reviews of Workers’ Paradox

“This is an interesting and important book that is bound to promote comment and controversy. . . . This is a book that deserves a wide readership.  Its engagement with a number of current debates means that it will work well I the classroom, and its radical reinterpretation of new Deal labor policy means that it is certain to prompt serious thought and reflection.”  Rich Halpern, American Studies

 “The significance of O’Brien’s book transcends immediate subject …. [It is an important study of the contributions of Progressive Republicanism to the New Deal and the formation of the modern American state.”  American Historical Review

“This is an intriguing and deftly argued book.”  Colin Gordon,  Law and History Review

Workers’ Paradox’s “significant contribution is as a case study in the paradoxical expansion of the liberal state.” Dan Ernst, Labor History

“O’Brien has written and important and provocative book.” Ellis Hawley, The Annals of Iowa

[The book] will be read with profit by those interested in the history of organized labor and of the New Deal.  Journal of Economic History