Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama (The Primacy of Race or Gender)

HillaryvObamaIs it race or gender?  Gender clearly took second seat to the ire of many of my colleagues.

These pages will weigh the Democratic party primary contender  — Hillary Clinton’s — comments against the sitting Democratic president’s remarks or those of President Barack Obama.  It giving Clinton’s and Obama’s reactions to domestic and foreign events by posting relevant articles or snippets from their speeches and press releases, as well as posts that will be subset.

Standing Democratic domestic issues are: identity politics and rights (new versus old civil rights for person of color, gender, sexuality, and disability as well as immigration reform; consumer reform; health care; environmentalism and climate control

I. Civil Rights Reactions

Trayon Martin’s Death (George Zimmerman acquittal)

Full Text Obama’s Remarks

 Hillary Clinton’s Remarks (Snippets)

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