Fantastic visual, so forgive me for being tired of the “revolutionary” binary (e.g. HC as establishment)

.No doubt Bernie can teach democratic socialism to the idealists of our age (the youth), but it’s time to have another visual — Bernieand Marco.And how come nobody mentions the age difference between  Bernie and his wife? At least she’s not a cheerleader.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not reifying these legs of “that woman.” And there is nothing wrong with so many “secret weapon” wives being blond, but . . . .

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So Ted Cruz was “despondent” about the prospect of gay marriage, but now he is indifferent to LGBTQers?
Cruz is a flip-flopping ideologue who reminds one of Roadrunner’s coyote. Watch out for falling rocks — and principles!
It must be fun to chase him, or be chased by him?  
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Kinder, Gentler Neotribalism

41RWX0bNIIL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_9780226514550Unicorns, not wives, rule. The 19th amendment puzzles pollsters because wives follow husbands.  Hillary did (to Arkansas).  Wives don’t lead husbands, supposedly. And there is no city of women in New Hampshire or California. But not anymore, as the GOP is going to be less brutal to moms, sisters, daughters, and girls. Less intimidating now that women can live alone!  Does this go for HC too.  Or will this be called “special” treatment?

It is not only our reproductive capacity that women worry about. Go to any teaching hospital in a cosmopolitan city and one will see husbands, fathers, uncles, and sons dictating whether or not “their women” can get treatment for terminal diseases. Neotribal, no doubt. But honor killings and bride burnings are more dramatic for the establishment media to cover, as is abortion. It is more complicated than that.

Leggo my ego should be revised: Leggo my body, you brute.  Who can you imagine  will be the leader saying that, I wonder.

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Her Mother’s Womb; & Scary Anti-LGBTQ Rhetoric

default “We are losing the white male vote in droves,” said former Democratic New Mexico governor Bill Richardson. And the issue is — wait for it — “economic inequality.”

How does this Bill, a hopeful Latino presidential candidate from 2008, wish to woo them back? Charging women a higher discrimination tax? Is it because white women went from 59 to 78 cents in three generations, and he thinks that’s moving too fast? Or is it because the SLAMs (straight, liberal, Anglo men) are starting to identify only with the SCAMs (straight, conservative, Anglo men)?

Since they are just 5 percent* of the American population, why should any politician coddle them? To be sure, 5 percent is not 1 percent, but really. (Five percent is the figure given to represent those who the police regularly, repeatedly serve when they’re fighting crime.)

And in identifying with SCAMs, are the SLAMs also going to become more obsessed with our bodies? Is this really only about money? Or is there a cultural fear permeating here?

I mean, another recent New York Times headline was about how women and their daughters can start sharing uteruses with temporary transplants, so that more women can give birth. Now isn’t that cool? Rent a uterus. What does Hobby Lobby mean for this reproductive transplant, particularly if it’s temporary?

Being temporary also means it facilitates women having their own biological children, and keeping this part of the process “in the family.” At the very least this should please Jeb!, who eschews that state, particularly when it comes to the family.

This Bush argues for “parental consent over government intrusions into families.” He knows about being neotribal, making sure who in each family retains supremacy and remains “chief.”

Talk about neotribal, and women, girls, boys, and the 95 percenters fear. What if “family first” puts them in danger? No, safety first, family second, or so I say.

Listen to this anti-LGBTQ rhetoric (warning: not for PG ears!)

Maybe these white Democratic men should start beating on drums again to gain a bit of perspective, if not consciousness. Male consciousness-raising might help them out of this self-esteem progressive pity party, so that they don’t have to increase my discrimination tax to make themselves feel better.

Maybe SLAMs and SCAMs should spend more time in male-dominated China — domination defined here in sheer population numbers, though the nation finally loosened its one-child policy (read one-boy policy). Hillary Clinton’s “it takes a village” leadership clearly scares the former heads of the village, particularly since this village contains a rainbow umbrella that Obama, after all, built.

* Italian men are part of the 95 percent, being in a protected class in some locales, such as New York City.

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is-1Before you hear the “news” tonight, or watch your late-night nightly satire – here are a couple of clips for comparison with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s morning-to-afternoon professional performance at a GOP political shindig.

Remember Fawn? Fawn Hall, Ollie North’s shredding secretary?

And what about former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who came to regret and publicly disavow his testimony on Weapons of Mass Destruction before the UN?


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12105740_762476733858686_1853924091326338728_nKayDalyDo Democrats want to put a Democrat in the White House? Why complain about the absence of Democratic contenders now? If you’re a self-interested member of the GOP, sure — that GOP-someone who wins the White House will get to nominate four to five Supreme Court justices on what is already an ultra-conservative Roberts Court.

A long time ago, the Literary Digest existed to distill the news from within towns, and from town to town. Social-media news-gathering devices do that now. It’s the algorithms that get your blood boiling about the misinformation, the superficial or cynical, self-serving spins, or the outright fabrications. I’d collect them all, but that would be defeating the purpose of Democrats who want to put a Democrat into the White House, with Bernie playing his part of pushing Hillary leftward. (Thanks, Bernie!)

Here are a couple of outliers to substantiate my neotribalism/SLAMs-and-SCAMs viewpoint. “Hillary Clinton Takes Epic Tumble While Boarding Airplane.”

I’d say the mainstream media, which pretends to be in the middle, and objective, of course does the most damage. Never mind the less-than-subtly negative New York Times. What about the New Yorker’s “How to Beat Hillary Clinton” headline? (Who cares if it’s ironic or doing the switcheroo to get you to read past the headline.)

Do the Democrats need to be more disciplined? Do we really need our national political gender diversity to come from locking-and-loading, gun-toting GOP women contenders, like incumbent Renee Ellmers, who is fending off Kay Daly, in their fight for Congress?



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Gun-Toting Rivals + Is HC a Feminist but Not an Intersectionalist? Or is HC Not Really Human?

KayDalyTake a look at Renee Ellmers’s opposition. Kay Ryon Daly is running against the Honorable Renee Ellmers in North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district. Not only is she pro-gun (obviously, and undoubtedly not an issue that divides their two candidacies), but Kay is also pro-fidelity (surprise, surprise), whereas Renee is in theory but perhaps not in practice.

Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch’s shop (the New York Post)is, as always, very anti-Hillary Clinton.  It’s been suggesting that she’ is not really “human.”

Is it worse to be called a fem-N&*!?…, which Rush Limbaugh et al. coined during Bill Clinton’s administration in the 1990s?

Or is worse to say that Hillary is an old-fashioned feminist, and not an intersectionalist (which, to be fair, contradicts the underlying “ist” behind her two-minute official declaration of candidacy on YouTube)?

Or is it worst of all to articulate that certain Democrats and Republicans practice neotribalism (patriarchy, etc.), and can’t help being SLAMs or SCAMs?

Aren’t we getting too picky about presidential candidates if we say that Hillary’s not intersectionalist enough when she’s clearly a feminist and . . . (yes, this means you — the Millennials who made fun of Oberlin graduate Lena Dunham’s latest mouthpiece, I mean platform)?

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Misogyny has No Party

imgres images-3All this Hillary-versus-Joe talk got me thinking: Misogyny knows no American political party — that is, the Tweedledee and Tweedledum parties within the American two-party system both have strands of misogyny, or what I call neotribalism.

The Biden-promoting or Joe-talking Democrats don’t acknowledge this, any more than the Democrats serving on the Senate Judiciary Committee realized during now-Justice Clarence Thomas’s nomination hearings that the former head of the EEOC being accused of sexual harassment was political dirt-digging gold for undermining his nomination. The GOP, after all, was shamelessly self-serving in putting Thomas up for Justice Thurgood Marshall’s seat. So is the GOP now.

What the Biden-talking Democrats are counting on is the inside-the-“progressive”-party misogyny in the American two-party legacy of neotribalism. That is to say, all those folks who vote in their self-interest — which is to say, the 5 percent who are NOT in protected identity categories (i.e. women, children, men and women between 18 and 21, LGBTQers, persons with different abilities or disabilities, as well as those older than 39 (age discrimination is for everyone 40 years old and older).

Hillary Clinton may be just as centrist as Joe, and Bernie is pushing her properly progressively leftwards (plus he’s being a good partisan by squashing all third-party rumors, unlike the Donald).

So this is how Hillary is harmed by talk of Joe running? This would be how her Ready for Hillary team could lose control?

Put differently, the 5 percent I’m addressing are SLAMs and SCAMS. Shouldn’t democracy — with a small D or a big D — protect 95 percent of the American populace? That’s my definition of small-d democracy, even if all those who are for Joe say it ain’t so.

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KOM_Family_PhotoMy sister is alert, smart, and definitely curious, and she’s been a resident of what is now Kevin’s McCarthy’s 23rd district since she could vote. So why does she and everyone inside the Beltway know what the Los Angeles Times failed to report? Really? Does it seem credible that reporter Phil Willon forgot to include, or failed to find, the most important factor in the minds of the “RedState” blog, the conservatives in Congress, and much of the United States while gearing up for 2016?

The GOP didn’t want to be vulnerable to what they accused Bill Clinton of in 1998 — a heterosexual affair. McCarthy’s was worse, however, since, unlike Monica Lewinsky, Renee Ellmers was Kevin McCarthy’s equal — at least far as being an honorable member of the House of Representatives before he became majority leader.

In writing politics or writing history about politics, nothing is more significant than the silences. Nothing is more telling than the absence of the detail that sent a politician to his political death, or in this case, the death of his Speaker of the House ambitions. I’ll bet Paul Ryan is happy, though — he’s protesting a bit too much about having to give up his important work on the Budget Committee.



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10382767_1534796020141081_2450810880076967288_nWhy didn’t Kevin get the big seat in the House of Representatives — Speaker of the House? What was the tipping point for the GOP? (The Speaker of the House wins by majority and sits behind the President of the United States when he gives the State of the Union Address, typically. It is a non-partisan position.)

Well, it was reported last January that Kevin had an open secret — an affair with the Honorable Renee Ellmers, a Republican member of the House from North Carolina. Who ratted them out? Renee, of course.

My item on the affair got erased from my site — ruthobrien.org — around late January or February when the Right tried to snip me into silence – or, put more precisely, delete evidence of this tawdry tell-all affair between two allegedly professional members from the GOP’s side of the House (who both had families and constituencies and are Tea Party conservatives).

Yet, if the conservative “Got News” is similar to “RedState” or other sketchy right-wing sites, this link will not last long. Check it out now.

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